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How we Started Serving Our Community


The DCBE/Acton Volunteer Fire Department was chartered and formed in April 1979. There were 25 people that became charter members. Jack Wilkerson served as the Fire Chief, Steve Gaston as the Assistant Chief, and Bill Quinn as the Fire Marshall. The first 26 years of operations were conducted out of the converted maintenance building just inside the front gate of DeCordova Bend Estates.

The department started out with 2 used fire trucks and a van. One was a 1939 converted Chevrolet fire pumper and the other was a used military 6X6. Several major pieces of equipment were added over the years. An anonymous donation in 1981 allowed the department to buy 2 Chevrolet C60 series trucks. One became a fire pumper, the other a grass fire rig.  Several trucks came into service in the following years including one of the first CAFS trucks built by the Texas Forest Service.

The department initiated an EMS First Responder program with Hood General Hospital in 1982. The department had some of the first Emergency Medical Technicians working out of a fire department in the area.  As the program matured Paramedics were added and the department became Advanced Life Support qualified in the 90’s. Automatic External Defibrillators were purchased and successfully used by the department and were funded by the community. Advances in Emergency Medical services continue to be incorporated quickly into the department’s protocols and training. The fire department continues to encourage its members to become EMS qualified and assists those willing to be trained.

Number of Calls made: 

2019 - 910             2021 - 1166

2020 - 1096          2022 - 1278

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