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Our VFD has established a Junior Firefighter Program in order to promote fire safety and training in the fire service to young people of the community, while providing service to their community.


-Must be age 16-17 years old
-Must live in the DCBE/Acton VFD service area
-Fill out and turn in Membership application
-No Felony arrests or convictions
-Education is a first priority
-School report card to be submitted every grading period. Failing any subject will result in no participation until the next grading period.


-Be truthful
-Obey all rules
Obey orders from VFD membership leadership
-Attend meetings & assist in fundraising/community events
-Actively work to complete Qual Card

Vehicle Operations

-JR FF shall NOT operate VFD apparatus, but may ride with a qualified member
-JR FF shall NOT operate emergency equipment or place any such on their personal vehicle.
-JR FF shall NOT respond in excess of any traffic law, or respond directly to a scence
-JR FF shall NOT respond to any Haz-Mat scene
-JR FF may only use SCBA during training


-JR FF Members may operate at the scene of an emergency under the supervision of a Program leader or Officer, only after the scene has been declared safe.
-JR FF shall NOT enter a "HOT" zone, while operating at a scene
-JR FF shall NOT have any physical patient contact
-Members may assist in salvage and clean-up ONLY AFTER a scene has been declared safe by incident command

If you have any questions about our Junior Firefighter program, please contact us at (817)326-2659 or email

Junior Firefighter Program: Emergency Services
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